Marriage. No matter your background, example (s), desire or beliefs, marriage can be hard. From a gal that has one failed marriage and then an amazing marriage with lots of challenges, I want to take what I’ve learned and help you avoid some of my mistakes. I want your marriage to work and be fun. The first book I wrote that was published was The Husband Project. Since then, I’ve been writing and sharing tips, tricks, and encouragement to help anyone that will listen not only save her marriage but have a relationship that thrives.

Take a look around at some of the content, downloads and challenges and find the one that fits your current needs.

Current Marriage Challenge

No challenge at the moment. We will have one in September that will be announced soon.

The Husband Project

The Husband Project is designed for women that want to bring the spark back into their marriage. Whether you want to delve into the project on your own, do it with a group of friends, lead a bible study or host the project on your blog, you’ll find resources you need when you click on the button below.


Kathi has written several books for marriage. Whether you are looking to bless your man, turn up the heat, or work with your husband towards a more loving relationship, there is a book for you.

Blog & Podcast Episodes

We talk often about marriage both on the blog and the podcast. From hope, to humor, to tips and difficult situations, we cover it all.

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