ListenNowSome parents are excited when summer comes. They get to be around their kids all day, everyday. This was SO not my experience. I loved the first day of school, not having to hear my kids whine that they were bored, or try to figure out what to do with them without breaking the bank.

So this episode of So Here’s the Thing is all about keeping the fun in Summer Fun. If you’re just starting to run out of tricks in your summer bag, you will want to hear this conversation with Kathi and her co-host Erin MacPherson.

Erin gave us some great ideas about creating a CAMP MOM and offers us her ideas from last years Pintasttic Summer.

Finally, I promised you a picture of what my brother in law made in less than 15 minutes: A life-size Jenga. 2014-06-20 22.51.14

He took a bunch of 2x4s, cut them each to 10.5 inches long, until he had 48. Standard Jenga rules apply. (I promise you it took Randy all of 15 minutes to make the entire game.) I’ve seen directions for these floating around Pinterest. Some say you have to sand, but ours were unsanded and worked just fine.

Roger contends that the reason it’s so much fun is the real threat of bodily harm. (The blocks are light enough they wouldn’t hurt anyone, but you may want to keep small children and dogs at a fair distance…)




Summer Bucket List

Summer is here and the kids are already complaining that they are bored. You want them to have fun, and let’s face it, you want to have some fun too without breaking the bank. Download this summer bucket list for 100 things to do this summer with the kids that both you and they will enjoy.

No boring summers here! Download and have some fun!


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