ListenNowIt’s easy to get bogged down with commitments- us moms have a knack for it! But then we start feeling exhausted, over committed and frustrated that our parenting, our physical, emotional and spiritual lives aren’t exactly what we had in mind. Join host Kathi Lipp as she welcomes guest Kasey Johnson, author of a new book and bible study specifically for moms called Mom Essentials. They discuss:

  • the differences between essentials and extras
  • how to best identify what each are in your life
  • and why getting back to the “essentials” can be key to an overall healthy mama.

“It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being smarter.” Kasey Johnson   Make-overcommitted-moms

Mom Essentials- Try the first study

Want to try out the first study in Mom Essentials for free? Download it at

Mom Essentials

“Mom Essentials” is a Bible study and parenting book wrapped into one.

This interactive, scripture-based resource focuses on 10 words that are essential to living a balanced life. “Mom Essentials” helps each woman discover her identity and value through the eyes of God and the truth of Scripture.

Ignite your 2014-2015 year by studying 10 words that are sure to challenge and encourage moms of all ages!

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