ListenNowMy friend and speaker, Michele Cushatt hasn’t had the prettiest life. It has been down right hard and the things God have called her to haven’t always been pretty. Michele has handled the not so pretty with such grace that I wanted her to speak about her experiences because no matter how ugly, she always inspires me. I think she’ll inspire you too.

In this episode of So Here’s the Thing, we discuss how following God isn’t always easy. We deal with some of the tough questions like:

  • Should I be a working mom or stay-at-home mom?
  • If God has called me to this, shouldn’t it be easy?
  • Why do some decisions have only comprises for answers?
  • How can I even think of reinventing my life with all of the responsibilities I already have?
  • How can/do I say NO to the wrong things so I can say YES to the right things?


After listening, tell me how you have reinvented a part of your life whether it be your work, the way you juggle the needs of your family, your ministry or the relationships with your extended family. Two people will win pack of books from me- The Cure for the Perfect Life (being released in August!) and Praying God’s Word for Your Life.

God's Word Over You from Michele

From the moment you awake until your head falls, exhausted, on your pillow, one question haunts at every turn: Am I enough? From your relationships and appearance to your career and faith, you fear the answer is “no.” But God says otherwise, and believing His words can set you free.

The Cure for the Perfect Life

You know the expectations are unreasonable–even unreachable.

And when everyone else seems more together than you, where do you turn for help?

Meet Kathi, a disguised perfectionist always looking to put everyone else’s needs above her own, and Cheri, a formerly confused and exhausted poster girl for playing it safe. They’ve struggled just like you–and found the cure. With unabashed empathy and humor, they invite you to take part in their rebellion against perfection. Step-by-step they’ll teach you how to challenge and change unhealthy beliefs. As they free you from always seeking more or needing the approval of others, you’ll discover a new, braver way of living. At last, you’ll exchange outdated views of who you should be for a clearer vision of who you are in Christ.

The truth is you don’t have to be perfect.

You just have to be brave enough to read this book.

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