ListenNowWhere does all the money go? It can be frustrating when you are trying to save money but every time you turn around there is something you weren’t planning for- school supplies, birthday gifts, and oh wait, is that Christmas decor in Hobby Lobby!

Our guest Mary Hunt, author of Debt-Proof Living, joins us with practical, do-able and inspiring tips on how to take the stress out of the finances. If you are drowning in debt, almost debt free or anywhere in between, you’ll want to hear Mary’s EASY tips on getting where you want to me- financially free!
Mary shares:
  • her experience of getting out of debt
  • how to get started
  • tips on staying motivated
  • the key to getting started

Listen in and leave a comment below to win her book, Debt-Proof Living. What is holding you back from becoming debt-free?


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DPL Quick-Start Guide

Download the free Debt-Proof Living Quick Start Guide and get on your way to financial freedom. The guide includes several resources, links to the Rapid Debt Repayment Calculator and Manager, freedom account manager and more. It’s free so check it out!

Debt-Proof Living
Your fool-proof guide to paying off debt, planning for the future, and breaking free of our debt-loving culture.
The consumer credit industry wants us to believe that debt is necessary to bridge the gap between our pitiful incomes and the lifestyles we desire. But the problem is not that we don’t have enough money. It’s that we don’t know how to manage the money we already have. And until we learn that, more money will never be enough.
In this life-changing book, Mary Hunt shows you how to live a rich, fulfilling life without any consumer debt. By applying her simple principles and specific methods, you will learn how to effectively manage and maximize the money you have. No more guessing, wondering, or worrying. Just peace and a more abundant life. What have you got to lose?
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