All of the parenting books, the intentional planning, and the “I’m going to be a great parent” attitude meant nothing the minute Ellen had her firstborn, Erin. None of the discipline strategies worked the way they promised. So Ellen began the adventure of finding ways to understand the different hearts of her children. Only then, was she able to understand their needs so she could be the parent she really wanted to be.
Ellen Schuknecht (Erin’s mom!) joins us on So Here’s the Thing this week with amazing advice for every parent out there. Whether your child is compliant or strong-willed, you will want to have a pen and paper with you when listening! We cover topics such as:
  • Getting to the root of disobedience
  • Strategies to focus on the heart for a more positive long-term impact
  • Letting go of the fear of parenting failure
  • Why traditional parenting advice may not be working for you kids

We want to give away two copies of Ellen and Erin’s new book, Free to Parent (more info on the book below) to our listeners. Leave us a comment and tell us what was most freeing in what you heard on the podcast today.


The Veritas Valient

In our book, we talk about “The Veritas Valient”  — a long-term vision checklist of where we see our kids in twenty years.  Download a free version of this list and tack it to your fridge so you can keep the long-term vision for your kids in mind.

Free to Parent

Do you feel trapped as a parent—weighted down by parenting advice and discipline strategies that do little to help you nurture your child’s soul or grow your kid’s heart? Many parents do! After spending years serving parents as educators, counselors, and authors, Ellen Schuknecht and Erin MacPherson realized that maybe—just maybe—parents can escape the trap of lifeless, rules-driven parenting to joyfully grow and nurture their children’s hearts by teaching their kids to truly desire what is right instead of just follow a list of rules to avoid consequences. By pursuing true heart-to-heart connection over parental control and rules and letting go of the expected discipline solutions to instead focus on growth, forgiveness, and relationships, parents allowing joy and hope to nurture their children’s spirits.Sounds good, doesn’t it? Through simple strategies and practical advice, Ellen and Erin show you how to replace control with connection, replace complacency with growth, replace fear with faith, and replace hopelessness with the hope that can only come from the God of love.

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