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Kathi and Erin share their top 5 Holiday Hacks to make your holidays simple and fun.

  • Easy gifts you can keep on hand.
  • Simple ways to make baking and cooking… simple.
  • Dial back and be intentional about making Christmas meaningful.
  • Celebrate and enjoy your family this holiday season instead of feeling stressed.

Plus, click below to download our Holiday Hacks PDF and get a list of all of Kathi’s and Erin’s hacks, plus more hacks from our readers, plus to get the recipes and instructions for crafts mentioned in the podcast.

Awesome Christmas Hacks from So Here's the Thing

All of the holiday hacks from the podcast our included on the download. There is also a link at the bottom of the download that will take you to the Facebook post on Kathi’s feed with more of her reader’s ideas!

Awesome Holiday Hacks

Erin mentioned her favorite hacks would be posted. We’ve included a few of them below with links to the instructions and recipes.

We also have a great selection of even more hacks on Pinterest for you. So check those out as well!

Mushroom Soup:

Stamp cards:

Wrapped books: