ListenNowDoes your life (at times) feel so challenging that you just want to crawl into a corner and hide?

Today, we’re talking to Deva Dalporto of YouTube fame.  Yes, she’s the real woman behind the series of parody videos that you see on Facebook all the time.  She’s the mom behind What Does the Kid Say?, My Lips are Movin’ and her brand new Back-to-School Rap.  Listen in and find camaraderie in the fact that:

  • Housekeeping is hard.
  • Parenting is hard.
  • Kids are hard.
  • Life balance is hard.
  • But there are millions of other moms out there who feel just like you do right now.  And maybe, just maybe if you step back and allow yourself to find joy in the big and the little, that burden will be eased.

Listen in and find out how you can recapture the joy in your day-to-day life, then click over to Deva’s YouTube Channel to watch her hilarious parody videos and add a little laughter to your day.

Download Deva's Back to School Mom Rap on iTunes

No kids from 8am-3pm? What would you do?