Kicking off the New Year by kicking out the clutter? Kathi and Erin get Your Questions Answered.

What counts as a thing when counting what is going out?

What do you do when guests leave their clutter at your house?

What about our kids’ clutter?

What do you do when you no longer can use something, but it’s so good that you want to find just the right home for it?

Join us as we take on our clutter.

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Sometimes the first step to decluttering is actually taking a step. And so to start, I came up with this list of things you can get rid of right now. Today.

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We discovered, after helping thousands of women get rid of their clutter with my book Clutter Free that the people who had the most success were the ones who committed to getting rid of a certain number of items from their house in a very focused amount of time. These are the women who saw long term success when it came to their clutter battle.

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