Sometimes the cutest things become our biggest challenge when getting Clutter Free and those would be our not so Clutter Free Kids.

Today we share real life strategies that we can use with our children to not only help us kick clutter our of our homes, but will also give our children the strategies they will need to live a Clutter Free life when they leave our nest.

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Free Download: 50 Things to Get Rid of Today!

Sometimes the first step to decluttering is actually taking a step. And so to start, I came up with this list of things you can get rid of right now. Today.

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It's Not Too Late! Join Us for Kickstart to Clutter Free

We discovered, after helping thousands of women get rid of their clutter with my book Clutter Free that the people who had the most success were the ones who committed to getting rid of a certain number of items from their house in a very focused amount of time. These are the women who saw long term success when it came to their clutter battle.

So we wanted to give you all the tools you would need in order to start your clutter free battle right.
14 motivational videos
14 assignments
a bunch of downloadable tools to help you along the way

Use the code: INSIDER to get the course for half price.

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