Clutter Free Academy Episode 184- Stay Motivated to be Clutter FreeListenNowIdeas to Keep You Motivated to Stay Clutter Free

As January is coming to an end, most resolutions start to fall apart because the novelty wears off. We won’t let your motivation to be Clutter Free slip away!

Decluttering isn’t a two week process (that’s just the Kickstart) this is something you have to do for the rest of your life and we have to stay motivated to accomplish our goals so we can be world changers!

Listen as Kathi and Erin discuss Ideas to Keep You Motivated to Stay Clutter Free including discovering the best gift you can give yourself each week. It will give you less stress and help declutter your life.

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These are great rules for a family to leave by- from being kind, to dreaming big, print and frame it to inspire your family this year!

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We discovered, after helping thousands of women get rid of their clutter with my book Clutter Free that the people who had the most success were the ones who committed to getting rid of a certain number of items from their house in a very focused amount of time. These are the women who saw long term success when it came to their clutter battle.

So we wanted to give you all the tools you would need in order to start your clutter free battle right.

  • 14 motivational videos
  • 14 assignments
  • a bunch of downloadable tools to help you along the way

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