Have you had a dream that ended up falling apart? A vision for your future that never came to be?

“All of us end up with a life that doesn’t look quite like we imagined it would look.  What do we do when we wake up someday and we’ve got this life we don’t recognize?” Michele Cushatt.

Today we talk with Michele Cushatt, author of Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life and learn about a fabulous new community especially created for the Undone in all of us. 

Listen to hear Michele’s amazing story and how you can be a part of her five week conversation today!

If you haven’t listened to our last interview with Michele, you can click here:  Podcast #142 – Michele Cushatt – When Everything Comes Undone

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Undone Life Together: A 5-Week Conversation About the Unexpected Life

 Has Your Life Come Undone?

You’re not alone. Join me for a 5-week conversation about living an unexpected life. Since my book, Undone, was released one year ago, I have heard from so many of you living in the divide of pain and hope, loss and life, grief and joy. During these 5 weeks, we are going to wrestle through the hard questions together, in a quest to find hope amidst the heartache and a faith that will not fail.