Want to get things done and yet don’t know where to start? Can you find your desk under all your piles?

Today we talk about my process of creating your own creative space. A place where your creativity has room to flourish. With the right things in place, and everything else not in your space, you’ll have the ability to focus and get your creative juices flowing. I used to think buying some cute things and adding them to a space was the way to decorate. But you can make cute out of clutter!

Below are pictures of some of the things I mention in the podcast. Leave a comment and let me know what space you work in and what you need to do to make it more creative.


M.O.S.T. Method

When creating a creative space, using the M.O.S.T. method will get you organized and make your space special. Download this printable for the how’s and why’s of the M.O.S.T. method.

Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space

Join the Clutter Free revolution. Clear out. Simplify. Take back your life. When it comes to dealing with your “stuff”, peace is possible.

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