ListenNowFeeling overwhelmed with all you have to do? Do you have ideas and projects but feel like you are juggling all the plates in the air and can’t get a grip on what you have done and what needs to be done next?

I just happen to know one of the best personal resources for being productive:  my talented and productive husband, Roger Lipp!! He is a productivity expert for a Fortune-50 company and today he shares some of the best tips of the trade to get your work done without dropping the plates.

Listen as we talk about the three key components to getting and staying productive. We’ll learn crazy technical terms like Kanban, Scrum, and Pullback Planning. It’s actually quite fun and we promise you’ll feel like a productive project manager in no time!


Printable Kanban Board

Some people (Kathi included) work better with paper and post-it notes. Download this simple Kanban board as a way to be more productive. Print some out for your kids as well.

Check Trello Board!

Using the Kanban method is as simple as a piece of paper and some sticky notes, but our favorite resource is www.Trello.com It’s useful and FREE.