ListenNowIs it hard for you to reach out for prayer? Do you feel guilty or like you are being a burden?

I took some time to talk with my good friend, Renee Swope, and ask her about a blog post she wrote about asking for prayer called, “When You Need Prayer But Hesitate to Ask“.

She shares why we fear asking for prayer, what we are missing out on by not asking, and what baby steps we can take in order to ask without feeling like a burden.

Mentioned in this episode:

Renee’s Office in what was her master bedroom:




7-Day Doubt Diet

What You Can Expect from The 7-day Doubt Diet Filled with daily insights, powerful promises, and daily scripture-based prayers, Renee has written a week’s worth of FREE Confident Heart devotions from her book! Do the 7-day Doubt Diet on your own or invite a few friends, co-workers, neighbors or family to join you in your journey of learning to lost the weight of self- doubt and gain the assurance of a confident heart.

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