Sports. School. Clubs. Dance. And IT GOES ON! Our kids have a lot of activities and a lot of stuff comes with each of those activities.  Times that by two, three, four or seven kids and it can become an overwhelming juggling act of “where’s my red soccer sock?!” every single day.

Kathi and co-host, Erin MacPherson to the rescue! Erin has three kids and shares her children’s hectic schedule in multiple sports and how stressful it is trying to keep everything together when running from one child’s event to another.

Listen in as Kathi shares tested ideas that help keep kid’s uniforms and equipment organized and clutter free so they are ready when your kids have an event and you don’t waste time hunting for that sock for the tenth time this month!

Erin recommends:

Side opening shoe boxes for storage. They are much easier for children to open and use.

Interbusiness Clear PC Smart Storage Foldable Shoe Box, Office Storage Box (Purple)

A different colored water bottle for each child.

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Standard Mouth w/Loop Cap