Ever feel like God is punishing you when life is hard? If so, maybe Jesus has been stolen from you. Somewhere along the way we can forget that our God is good and not standing over us ready to punish us if we have a misstep. This is not the way we want to live friends. This isn’t freedom in Christ!

If you feel like you have lost an understanding of Who Jesus is, Come and find Him again as Kathi Lipp and Jami Amerine discuss Jami’s book, Stolen Jesus.


Three of our readers will win a copy of Stolen Jesus. When in your life have you had one of these false Jesus’? Leave your answer below. Winners will be chosen in 10 days.

The Guide to expose the Counterfeit Life

Steal Jesus back!

Get the Guide to t expose the Counterfeit Life by visiting the Stolen Jesus page here.

Stolen Jesus

If you’ve ever felt confused by the conflicting representations of Jesus you’ve encountered in the world, you’re invited to join Jami Amerine’s quest to release all the wrong ideas and get to know your Savior as He really is—bewildering grace and all.

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