ListenNowPeaceful. Connected. Meaningful.

Those are all words that should describe the Christmas season, but do they? So often we get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season and lose sight of what really matters. We want to help you change that. This week, Kathi and Erin will:

• Give you simple, meaningful ideas on how to get rid of what doesn’t matter during the holidays so you can focus on what does.
• Share fun shopping tips, easy decorating ideas and even a few photo mishaps to help you realize that the holidays can be so much more than a time of hurried frenzy.
• Give you 21 days of simple projects that will give you the simple tools and organizational strategies you need to make this holiday season peaceful, connected, meaningful and much more.

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25 Simple, Inexpensive and Totally Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone On Your List

We promised you a list of our favorite simple (no major crafting ability required) and inexpensive yet totally thoughtful gift ideas. Check them out here and let us know which ideas you’ll be using this Christmas!

21 Days to Organize Your Christmas

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