ListenNowYou hardly have time to eat or shower… how are you supposed to have time for sex?

Are you ready for a clutter free romance?

Our new series of books, “Hot Mama,” was written just for busy women like you—women who want fulfilling, intimate and hot sex lives without all of the clutter that makes our marriages ho-hum.  And to kick it off, we’re talking about decluttering your life to make room for… sex.  Listen and hear how to:

  • Keep your bedroom a place that’s romantic and sexy, not depressing and cluttered.
  • Find room in your busy schedule for sex and intimacy.
  • Making sure your lingerie drawer is full of cute things.
  • Make room in your life for all of the flirty fun things that happen in a marriage. (And find out exactly what Kathi is talking about when she says “her salad kit.”)

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And here’s a link to the body lotion that’s mentioned in the podcast: Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Orange Ginger Energy Body Lotion! You don’t want to miss that part of the show!

Friday Night Lights Off

Are you ready to take back your Friday night?