ListenNowHow do you stay connected to your man when your life is… crazy?

Fellow podcaster and blogger Jamie Ivey shares her tips and tricks for keeping her marriage hot when she has four kids, a busy husband and messy house.  Listen in and get:

  • Date night ideas that are creative and fun.
  • Ideas on how to make our marriages a priority over work, over chores and yes, even over parenting.
  • Tips on how to connect with your husband emotionally, spiritually and even physically.
  • How to find time and energy for date night, sex and everything else you need to do to make your marriage hot.

Listen in and then head to Jamie’s homepage and get loads of free date night ideas and find out how she is “ruling” marriage by making her marriage her number one priority.

Free Date Night Ideas!

Jamie has tons of date night ideas on her site. Check them out!