I Need Some Help Here! is a great topic for moms with kids of any age. From birth to young adulthood, motherhood isn’t usually what we pictured it would be. With our defiant toddlers, are sassy pre teens and downright rebellious teenagers, moms constantly deal with guilt, doubt, and anxiety over the decisions their children are making.

Kathi deals with these feelings head-on, turning our look upward to the only One that has the hope to get our kids to adulthood on the right path. In this presentation Kathi will inspire moms to:

~ Put their faith in the shepherd, not the sheep
~ Not judge the merit of their mom worth based on one bad day
~ Be realistic in their expectations of themselves
~ Offer hope from a place of “Me too”

Kathi speaks from experience with love and understanding. Women walk away from this presentation with a new found confidence and peace about motherhood.

This presentation is perfect for MOPS or moms groups. The topic covers children from toddler ages to young adult, all stages Kathi is VERY familiar with from having four children of her own.

What People are Saying

“Just when I was having one of my darkest parenting moments, this book showed up on my doorstep and delivered loads of practical advice and a real sense of peace. Thank you Kathi Lipp for showing me that I am not alone as a mom and that my parenting journey may be messy at times, but it is also beautiful.”

Erin MacPherson

Author, The Christian Mama's Guide Series

“For any parent who ever woke up in the middle of the night terrified that they had ruined their child, take heart! Kathy shoots straight about the real woes of parenting, but she shares the hope and joy as well. I appreciated the honesty of the parents who shared their struggles, rejoicing with some and crying with others. From toddlers to teens and young adults, all parents will find the help they’re looking for in these pages.”

Amy Lively

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