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Kathi is a best-selling author and national speaker. She has spoken to thousands of people across the US and Canada. Her heart is for women looking to live the life God intended for her without all the baggage, struggle, and perfectionism getting in her way. She is relatable because she has been through it, relational because she truly cares, and hilarious because God gave her a fantastic sense of humor.

Kathi loves to speak on topics that help women become free from being overwhelmed, free from clutter in their homes, hearts, and minds so that they can go change their world on behalf of the One who changed them. Kathi uses hope, humor, and easy-to-apply how-to’s for every woman to live the life God intended.

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What others are saying

“Kathi Lipp has the rare gift of being able to share profound truth in a laugh-out-loud funny manner. She’s real, honest, authentic, and did I mention hilarious? If you haven’t gotten the privilege of hearing her speak yet, trust me on this: you’re going to love her!”

Crystal Paine

Author & Speaker, Money Saving Mom

“Kathi Lipp is all in. A fabulous quality in a workshop leader and speaker. From preparation to presentation, Kathi soars above all expectations. And the feedback we received from attendees was just as enthusiastic. What a joy to work with Kathi!”

Mona Hodgson

Director, Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

“Kathi Lipp is one of the best women’s conference speakers we’ve ever had here at Twin Lakes Church! She combines professional-grade stand-up comedy, well-organized Bible teaching, authentic and vulnerable personal sharing, and practical real-life applications for messages your people will love! Too many speakers these days are either riveting and disorganized, or boring and organized, but Kathi combines riveting with organized for the best of all worlds!”

Rene Schlaepfer

Senior Pastor, Twin Lakes Church

“Kathi is a natural! She totally engages the audience with her humor, personal stories and practical tips. Her authentic message touches the hearts of women of all ages. Women come away with hope, a renewed sense of respect and love for their husbands, purpose and excitement to start putting into practice Kathi’s amazing, yet totally doable projects. Marriages are strengthened and renewed through her simple, yet powerful message.”

Debbie McDonald

Community Life Pastor, WestGate Church

Check out Kathi in action in these videos. 

She’s hilarious, authentic and so very relatable.

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