Kathi’s Retreat Topics

Retreat topics are great for two-three day retreats. Once booked, Kathi will work closely with you to ensure your audience has the best experience possible. The topics below are Kathi’s most popular for retreats. If you don’t see the topic you are looking for, check out her Keynote topics which can also be used for retreats.

Kathi Lipp is one of the best women’s conference speakers we’ve ever had here at Twin Lakes Church! She combines professional-grade stand-up comedy, well-organized Bible teaching, authentic and vulnerable personal sharing, and practical real-life applications for messages your people will love! Too many speakers these days are either riveting and disorganized, or boring and organized, but Kathi combines riveting with organized for the best of all worlds!
Rene Schlaepfer

Senior Pastor, Twin Lakes Church

Woman Interrupted

Do you ever wonder if this is really the life that God intended for you to live? How do you deal when your plans don’t go according to plan?

Taking a fresh look at the story of Mary and Martha, speaker and author Kathi Lipp guides woman in looking at the expectations we have for ourselves, God, and others. In this three or four session retreat, women will walk away with the ability to:

~ Discover how we grow closer to God when our lives appear to get further off track.
~ Deal with the unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves and others.
~ Experience peace when life feels like it is going to pieces.
~ Find fresh ways to connect with other women and with God.

Feel Free

All of us have several things that we want to change in our lives. What holds us back but the very fear of change? On this weekend retreat, women discover the dynamics of fear that keep them stuck and how to live fearlessly in the safety of Christ.

Women will leave with:
• Increased courage to pursue God-given dreams and goals.
Enhanced freedom from the burden of self-imposed ideals.
Increased confidence to prevent other’s expectations from controlling you.
• Greater awareness to discern God’s unique plan for your life.

This topic is perfect for multiple sessions for retreats and can also be modified for keynote sessions.

Making Room for Miracles

In this unique presentation, Kathi explores practical ways for women to “make room for miracles” during in everyday life.  In her fun and connecting way, Kathi shares her own struggles with creating room for God and the gift of peace he has for each of us. Women will walk away with a new determination to create a plan for peace and joy. Women will leave with:

~ A renewed desire to stop settling for a default of overwhelmed in every area of their lives.

~ A deep desire to avoid shortcuts and experience God’s best.

~ Several practical ways to bring Christ into your everyday life.

Kathi also has a Christmas version of this topic. Check it out here.

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