Clutter Free


When it comes to dealing with your stuff, peace is possible! From one real woman to another, Kathi gives you simple solutions to everyday organization issues to simplify your life. Clutter isn’t just physical, it’s mental, relational and psychological too!

In this presentation, Kathi discusses how clutter disrupts peace and provides real strategies that help you clear the clutter in doable steps that are attainable and sustainable even for the busiest woman. Your attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the “why” behind clutter
  • Ways to easily eliminate clutter & avoid re-accumulating clutter
  • The peace that comes from becoming clutter free in your spiritual, relational and emotional life



Listen in on some of Kathi’s You’ve Got This! podcast episodes on Clutter Free!

What People are Saying

“I’ve been a fan/follower of Kathi Lipp ever since I attended my first MOPS conference 6+ years ago. She’s so relatable, both as an author and as a speaker, that you feel like you’ve been best friends forever, and you could just invite her right into your living room for a chat…

At last year’s conference, I laughed and cried through her workshop on organization. Kathi GETS it. She’s not some neat-freak organization guru issuing proclamations from her perfectly-organized office in her magazine-cover-worthy home.  She’s tried and failed at the methods the “experts” recommend, and then she regrouped and figured out that, even if she bought a cute shoe cabinet to go behind the couch, her family’s shoes were still going to end up in a pile by the door until she found a system that would allow the shoes to be organized by the door.”

Conference Attendee

“I was fortunate to listen to Kathi speak at a MOPS convention a few years ago and she inspired me immediately. She’s honest, funny, and gives hope to so many areas in my life I need to improve. Clutter Free has helped me and a lot of my friends get out from under pounds and pounds of clutter.”

Katrina Lynch

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