15 Things You can Say to Encourage Your Kid Right Now

15 Things You can Say to Encourage Your Kid Right Now



Loving your husband will go along way to make a child feel loved and encouraged. And doing things for your child is a great way to connect with them. But with today’s busy schedules, it is not easy to do special things for the kids all of the time.

We think that saying things should be easier, but

using our words to fill the heart is one way that us mamas think we do, but sometimes forget.

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This list will take you to the end of March with a variety of things that you can say to your child to encourage and connect with them.


15 Things you can say to encourage your kids right now:

1. I am so glad that Jesus trusted me with you.

2. Please forgive me.

3. I’m proud of you.

4. You are fun to be with.

5. You make me laugh.

6. You are an important part of His story.

7. God’s love for you will never change.

8. I love spending time with you.

9. You are the est gift I ever received.

10. You are a perfect fit for our family.

11. You make me happy.

12. I love to watch you play.

13. I don’t care what we do today as long as I can be with you.

14. I will never stop loving you.

15. God created you exactly how he wanted you.

Say one of these every day for the rest of the month and you will be filling the love tanks of your children and sharing the hope and love of Jesus through you.

What is one encouraging thing you would add to the list?