If I Could Just Get The Laundry Done…

If I Could Just Get The Laundry Done…

5-Steps-to-Organizing-Your-LaundryStep One: Your Plan of Attack

Find a system that works that will keep you current with laundry. If you do not have one, here is what we use:

In our hall, we have four, 30 inch tall, plastic laundry hampers. Each one is a different type of laundry:

* Whites

*Colored underwear

*Everyday clothes

*Jeans, towels, sweats

This helps all of us to be able to sort the laundry quickly and easily.

Step Two: Sort It Out

Get your laundry room area cleaned out in order to be most efficient.  This might take an afternoon if your area is small.  If it is larger, I suggest taking fifteen minutes a day to get it in order. The best tip I have for this step is that we have a permanent “Give Away ” box in our laundry area for our clothes our kids have outgrown.  When the box gets full, I take it to Good Will.


 Getting rid of clutter can be a blessing to someone else as well. {click to tweet}

Step 3: Clean It Up

Before you start stocking up the shelves, give them and your washer and dryer a good wipe down. Deep cleaning makes any space a good one.

Step 4: Label It and Put It Away

This is the fun part!  Label everything in order to make it easy to find.  Some examples are stain  removers, dryer socks, and socks (Mismatched Socks might be a better title sometimes).

Step 5: Keep It Up

The best way to keep up with laundry is to do it every day. The other thing that will make your life a lot easier is to remember this rule: Until the clothes are put away your laundry isn’t done. Just because the clothes are clean, and dry does not mean the laundry is done.

These steps will change laundry from something you dread to something that you can get done quickly in order to bring blessing to your self and your family.

“What’s For Dinner?” – Meal Planning Made Easy

“What’s For Dinner?” – Meal Planning Made Easy

What's-for-DinnerMeal time can be one of the most hectic times in a mama’s day.  With today’s busy schedules, it is easier to drive through than dive in to your kitchen.

These easy steps will help you make meal planning easy so that you can get to the fun part of connecting with your family and not just the food!

Step 1:

Create a master list of meals for the month.  Click here for a list of FREEBIES where you can find a  shopping/inventory sheet to make your meal planning easy!  Keep in mind your family schedule as you create meals for each day. Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be less chaotic in our home, so I can plan a little more elaborate meal for those days.  Now, some days, elaborate may mean that I just put a pat of butter on the green beans before serving, but usually it means that I can make something that might take a bit more time or preparation. The “What’s For Dinner?” Solution is a wonderful resource to create quick, easy, affordable meals.

Step 2:

Put each of the meals into categories for easy planning.  A few that I use are Freezer meals – ones that I have on the freezer already, Slow Cooker meals – ones that I will need my crock pot for and create ahead of time, or LOOP meals – Left Over On Purpose. This might mean a turkey pot pie from the leftover turkey from the dinner the night before. Once you have the meals, you can organize what you need for each meal.

Step 3:

Create the calendar and make copies of it for the next couple months.  Some things might change, but when you have a template to work from, it makes life a whole lot easier. After you use it, you can evaluate if the system is working.

Planning your meals ahead of time will help you feel more in control and less frazzled at dinner hour.  Thinking ahead gives you the freedom to enjoy your day. To help you start planning right away, just subscribe to my blog right over there in the purple little post-it and get a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Man Food. Easy Peasy!