Clean Out Your Car (and a Clutter Free MOPS Meeting)

Clean Out Your Car (and a Clutter Free MOPS Meeting)

Clean out your car.

As always, I had an amazing time at MOMCON (MOPS International’s Convention). We had a booth this year, so I got to meet a lot of moms we may have missed in the past. My favorite part? Hearing their stories from Overwhelmed (I can’t believe how many of you are doing book studies on it!) and Clutter Free.

Clutter Free Kit

And with Clutter Free being part of the MOPS curriculum this year (HUZZAH), I wanted to share with you an amazing idea one group had for a Clutter Free meeting. After showing the Clutter Free video, the leaders gave each mom a kit:

  • 3 bags:
    – Bag 1 for garbage
    – Bag 2 for recycling
    – Bag 3 for things to bring into the house
  • A package of Clorox wipes (These could easily be broken down into Ziploc sandwich bags to give each mom just a few wipes.)
  • A package of Windex wipes (See above.)
  • A lint roller
  • A Glade Car freshener

Along with the kits, they also provided vacuums and Handi-vacs for the moms to use. Then each mom went to her car or minivan and spent twenty minutes cleaning it out. Awesome, right? The MOPS leaders who tried this idea told me all the moms said it was their favorite activity ever. (Because once you watch a video about decluttering, you want to go and do it NOW.) And the best part? Everyone went home with a sense of accomplishment and fewer French fries in their back seat. Win-win!

Want to clean out your car and get a mini-craft in at the same time?

Make your own car freshener!

All you need is:

  • 1 Clothespin
  • Essential Oils (Lemon or Peppermint are some great, fresh flavors depending on the time of year.)


1. Dab five drops of essential oil on each side of the clothespin (ten drops total).
2. Clip the clothespin onto the vent.  It makes your car smell yummy and fresh without overpowering. I love it.

Clutter Free Events are Being Booked for 2018!

Friends, what sounds better than a girl’s night out? You and me and a few dozen, or hundreds, of your friends!? I would love to come and share the Clutter Free life with you. This is a great reach-out opportunity. To learn more and get your date on the calendar, shoot me an email at