Start Here Today: The 10 Clutter Causes to Tackle First

Start Here Today: The 10 Clutter Causes to Tackle First

What do you hold onto that is just pure nonsense? Seriously we all have those things. They make perfect sense to us (sometimes) and make the people we love ask, “Why??”

Today let’s talk about finding freedom in just letting go of them. We’ll play a little game of “Donate, Replace, or Ditch” and as always, no guilt or shame. Sometimes it takes us a while to come to the realization we can let something go. We keep them for “just in case,” for a sentimental reason that doesn’t still apply, or so many other reasons. Friends, clutter makes us feel overwhelmed and isn’t worth it the time or energy we let it take up in our lives. Let’s find freedom together.


How to Make Routines Work for You

How to Make Routines Work for You

I love me some Facebook Live…

As often as I can, I jump onto my Facebook page on Wednesday mornings and talk about Clutter, Overwhelm and how to get out from under both. But last week, I had a special guest at my house, my coauthor Cheri Gregory! She put me on the hot seat and asked me all sorts of questions that readers submitted about one of the most dreaded words I speak about: Routines.

On the video, Cheri and I answer questions like:

Were you this organized when you had littles at home? What practical tips do you have for moms in the “littles” stage?

How do you manage and remember your routines?

When the unexpected happens, emergencies arise, how do you stop the panic attacks that arise when you get put out of your routine???

How did we get over that all or nothing notion? I’m a perfectionist when it comes to routine, therefore I refuse to do one because I’m so afraid there will be a flux that changes everything and spins the rest of my plan out ofa control!! #perfectionistissues

It’s a great conversation. And, if you watch, you may see me lose my mind when a squirrel invades my garden and steals one of my prized tomatoes… (I, apparently, was not at my best…)