#560 Untangling Your Faith While Decluttering Your Home: An Honest Conversation

#560 Untangling Your Faith While Decluttering Your Home: An Honest Conversation

560: Untangling Your Faith While Decluttering Your Home: An Honest Conversation

In today’s episode Kathi dives deep with author Amberly Neese, as they discuss how their clutter journeys and spiritual journeys collide. Feeling guilty about getting rid of things we no longer need, or being paralyzed by the fear of needing more in the future, reveals what we believe about the goodness of God and how much we can trust Him to provide for us.

How do we untangle our faith while working through our cluttered closets?

  • Recognize how God provides for our needs – often through the generosity of other people.
  • Take the words “bad” and “good” out of the conversation in regards to buying. Recognize the patterns and make different choices in the future. 
  • Think of the person who will receive the items you donate and pray for them.
  • Keep what you use, and be okay without the excess. A house with less clutter allows for more peace and joy. 

Amberly is giving away 2 copies of her new Bible study – Untangling Faith: Reclaiming Hope in the Questions Jesus Asked. To enter to win, leave a comment below telling Kathi and Amberly what is it that you are untangling in your life? 

Pre-order your copy now in order to access the online study with Amberly. Simply send your purchase receipt to Amberly by email. 

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Untangling Faith: Reclaiming Hope in the Questions Jesus Asked

A six-week Bible Study focusing on the questions Jesus asked in the New Testament

Are you struggling to provide guidance to your children in their faith deconstruction?  Have you ever struggled to find your faith footing? Join Amberly Neese as she explores the questions Jesus asked as a way to reclaim that faith. Chapters explore our own questions like: Can God Be Trusted? and How Can I Grow in Faith? Amberly’s unique humor and wit help the whole group find their way through deep and rich issues of personal faith, doubt, and growth.

In her trademark style, Neese combines Bible study with delightful humor to create a refreshing and engaging experience that will encourage and equip others to pursue deeper relationships and true belonging by loving, serving, and helping others (including our kids) do likewise. She describes Untangling Faith as an exploration of the big questions of faith through the lens of the questions of Jesus.. The study is designed to encourage, empower, and equip participants to ask questions, seek answers, and find hope in the journey.

Components for this six-week Bible study, each available separately, include a Participant Workbook with daily reading and reflection, a full Leader Guide to help plan full group sessions, and video sessions with six 20 to 25-minute segments (with closed captioning). Order your copy here.


What is it that you are untangling in your life? Tell us in the comments below and enter to win a copy of Amberly Neese’s new Bible study!

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Amberly Neese

Amberly Neese is a speaker, humorist, emcee, and encourager with a passion for “GRINspiring” others. She is currently on two national tours, writes Bible studies with Abingdon Publishers, and tries to save the world one coupon at a time.

With a master’s degree from Biola University, Neese serves as a professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University. She and her husband, Scott, have two adult children and live in Prescott, Arizona, where they enjoy the great outdoors, the Food Network, and all things Star Wars.