Episode #232 – Fresh Start for You

Episode #232 – Fresh Start for You


Time for a Fresh Start

Overwhelmed co-author, Cheri Gregory joins Kathi to discuss creating a “Fresh Start.”

Kathi loves the idea of a “Fresh Start.”  As a self-described New Year’s resolution nerd, she has made dozens of resolutions and kept none of them. Kathi and Cheri talk about how resolutions can sometimes set you up for failure.

Perhaps a  “Fresh Start” might be a better option. You can start it anytime and you can start over whenever needed.

Personal Manifesto

A “Fresh Start” includes a personal manifesto that helps you live out your values. When you know what your values are you can make decisions based on values and not the emotion of the moment or the whims of others.

Your personal manifesto is based on who you are and who you aspire to be. It acts as a guide to determine actions and decisions.

A manifesto is NOT a resolution. It is who you are and who you are going to become. It is an integrity builder.

Kathi and Cheri invite you create your own manifesto. There are tools to help you and you can review their manifestos and many others, check out the download links below.

Some Things to Remember About Creating a Manifesto

  1. Should be written in the present but is who you aspire to be. Include some of your current positive attributes.
  2. It is allowed to be changed. It is not forever, it can be updated as you change and grow.
  3. A manifesto can be as short or long as you need it to be. If you can only think of three things, start there.

Join us again next week as we talk about how to start living out your own personal manifesto.

Remember every day is a new opportunity to have a “Fresh Start” and discover who you are and who you want to become.