#327B From Cluttered to Cozy: 5 Tips in 10 Minutes

#327B From Cluttered to Cozy: 5 Tips in 10 Minutes

On today’s bonus episode, Kathi welcomes back Myquillyn Smith, author of Cozy Minimalist Home. Myquillyn shares her best tips for shifting your mind, house and habits for going from cluttered to cozy.

On today’s info-filled show you’ll learn:

  • Why you need designated empty surfaces and décor surfaces in your home
  • How to properly use storage spaces
  • Myquillyn’s favorite storage items
  • Why having some white space on your walls is essential

Plus Myquillyn shares some great tips for renters.

Cozy Minimalist Home releases on October 23, 2018!

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Meet Our Guest

Myquillyn Smith

Myquillyn Smith

For the last ten years, Myquillyn Smith, known online as “The Nester,” has encouraged women to embrace their homes – imperfections and all. In Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff (Zondervan), Myquillyn helps readers see their home’s hidden potential and create beautiful, functional spaces they love.

Myquillyn is a self-taught, design school dropout who took a week-long course so she could be a certified home stager and redesigner. She and her family have lived in 13 different houses, apartments and condos and spent plenty of time getting real world design experience. Millions of women have been inspired by Myquillyn’s blog, The Nesting Place and her home has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal, Cottages and Bungalows and the Charlotte Observer. Christianity Today named her one of 20 Creative Innovators of 2016. Her first book, The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful, released in 2014.

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Ten Ways to Connect with Your Kids Outside

Ten Ways to Connect with Your Kids Outside


Spending time outside does not have to just be camping, as much fun as that is, but there are many ways to get the kids outside in the fresh air while spending quality time connecting with your children. Ones that don’t include going to the bathroom in the forest.

Ten Ways to Get Outside and Connect

1. Go for a treasure hunt in your neighborhood. Here’s a short list of things for your kid to look for: a leaf bigger than their hand, a rock smaller than their little toe, and something they can recycle.  You can also have them make up the list to keep them interested.

2. Tape a large piece of butcher paper to your fence or outside wall and paint a mural.

3. Sleep outside.

4. Go fishing.

5. Jump rope on a date with your child.

6. Watch a sunset while having a picnic dinner.

7. Wash the car together.

8. String lights in your backyard.

9. Run through the sprinklers.

10. Play cards outside (but not on  windy day).


The biggest thing to remember is to prepare for any event that you do.  This means everything from planning on what you are going to eat on your picnic to being dressed warmly enough in case it gets windy. Encourage each child to find something in the activity that they connect with. For the expressive child, it might be the beautiful colors. For the athletic child, it might be games you play while running in the sprinkler.  Try to connect with each child no matter what way you choose.

How about you?  How do you get your kids outside? What are some fun ways you connect with them while outside?  Tell me in the comments and you will have a chance to win my book all about connecting called 21 Ways to Connect with Your kids.