Favorite Holiday Hacks to Make Your Life Easier!

Favorite Holiday Hacks to Make Your Life Easier!

Holiday-Hacks-#2It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The Holidays are here! How’s everybody doing? Hanging in there? Remembering to breathe and focus on the real reason we celebrate this season?

Need something to make your life a little easier right now?

Here are some of the quick tips and time-savers we’ve come up with to help make this Holiday a wonderful time for you and your family!

If you missed this week’s podcast on our Top 5 Holiday Hacks, take a few minutes and listen in now!

Looking for something to give someone for Christmas who is having a hard time making ends meet? Check out our ideas!

Podcast 128 was all about saving money for Christmas without sacrificing the things that matter and making things less stressful!

Are you looking for easy gifts to give that don’t require a lot of (if any) wrapping? Check out this post!

And if things in your life are just too crazy, maybe you should check out my book Get Yourself Organized! 21 Steps to Less Mess and Stress! (This is an Amazon affiliate link.)

Have a great week!

#129 Top 5 Holiday Hacks to Make your Holidays Simple AND Fun

#129 Top 5 Holiday Hacks to Make your Holidays Simple AND Fun

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Kathi and Erin share their top 5 Holiday Hacks to make your holidays simple and fun.

  • Easy gifts you can keep on hand.
  • Simple ways to make baking and cooking… simple.
  • Dial back and be intentional about making Christmas meaningful.
  • Celebrate and enjoy your family this holiday season instead of feeling stressed.

Plus, click below to download our Holiday Hacks PDF and get a list of all of Kathi’s and Erin’s hacks, plus more hacks from our readers, plus to get the recipes and instructions for crafts mentioned in the podcast.