Podcast Eps 283: How Women Can Apply Wisdom from Proverbs to their Lives with Liz Curtis Higgs

Podcast Eps 283: How Women Can Apply Wisdom from Proverbs to their Lives with Liz Curtis Higgs

Author and Speaker, Liz Curtis Higgs, joins Kathi on the podcast this week to discuss how to gain wisdom from one of our favorite books of the Bible, Proverbs. Liz just published a book full of the rich promises and direction found in Proverbs that can help our hearts on a daily basis. Kathi shares an excerpt of the book where Liz gives us an action step that takes JUST ONE MINUTE (every application takes only 60 seconds!).

Listen in to this sweet and powerful episode from two women that love the Lord and His word. You will be uplifted and inspired today.


Win a copy of Liz’s new book, 31 Proverbs to Light Your Path.  Three people will be chosen to win their own copy. Answer the question in the comments section below to enter to win. What is an unexpected place or situation where you have been given hope?

*Open to US residents only. Contest ends on Wednesday, December 27, 2017.

Meet Our Guest

Liz Curtis Higgs

Liz Curtis Higgs

Author and Speaker

Liz Curtis Higgs has one goal: to help women embrace the grace of God with joy and abandon. Her messages are biblical, encouraging, down-to-earth, and profoundly funny, helping sisters and seekers experience the depth of God’s love. Higgs is the author of more than 30 books with 4.6 million copies in print, including her nonfiction bestsellers Bad Girls of the Bible, The Girl’s Still Got It, The Women of Christmas and The Women of Easter. She has spoken at 1,700 women’s conferences in all 50 states and 14 countries. A former radio personality, Higgs has appeared on more than 700 media outlets including NPR, “Focus on the Family,” “Life Today,” PBS and A&E. She is happily married to Bill Higgs and they share their life together in a 19th century farmhouse in Louisville, Kentucky.

A conversation with Pam Ferrel about HOPE, Plus an awesome giveaway!

A conversation with Pam Ferrel about HOPE, Plus an awesome giveaway!

Hi friends! Yesterday I got to sit down with Author Pam Farrel and talk about Hope. We all need hope in a world where it’s sometimes very difficult to see the good. I admitted to you in yesterday’s post and in our conversation that I haven’t been a fan of the adult coloring trend. Here more about that and get a pick me in the video below.



What I really want you to know about is the awesome giveaway we are doing. I am giving away 5 of Pam’s new book, Discovering Hope in the Psalms, plus a super fun Quiet Time pack filled with all of my favorite things to have with me when I am doing quiet time with the Lord including:

• Discovering Hope in the Psalms
• This beautiful Study Bible for Women
• A set of colored pencils for exploring God through creativity
• My favorite cup for hot and cold drinks Hydro Flask
• My very favorite pen, the Uniball Air Micro
• An assortment of teas (to keep those creative juices flowing).

Enter below!!


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Podcast 149 – Kathi Lipp and How to Keep Hope

Podcast 149 – Kathi Lipp and How to Keep Hope

[Resending this podcast episode due to technical difficulties last week]


ListenNowFor those of you who also struggle with weight, health, and generally feeling defeated with anything in your life that feels like it will never be resolved, this is for you. This is me, at my home church, talking about weight (I’d be much more comfortable talking about sex, trust me,) and how I can keep coming back to find hope in what can feel like a hopeless situation. (There may have been a few tears shed…)

#130 Finding Whitespace During Christmas

#130 Finding Whitespace During Christmas


ListenNowHave you ever had one of those… days.  What do you do when life feels out of control, when you can’t find peace, when your soul is restless… and it’s the holidays?  We talked to Bonnie Gray, author of Finding Spiritual Whitespace about:

  • How to embrace the part of you that is real and let go of the business and fluff that tend to overwhelm at this time of the year.
  • Creating space in your heart for God in a busy season.
  • Practical tips on how you can find spiritual whitespace for your entire family this Christmas.
  • How to enjoy the small things this holiday season for a truly joyful, hopeful season.

Click here to read Bonnie’s list of favorite reads (so you can settle your heart with story per her advice) and then listen in as Bonnie Gray brings a breath of fresh air to the frazzle of the season.

Plus, start off 2015 with Bonnie’s online spiritual whitespace book club and start your year with some peace for your soul.

After you listen to the podcast, come back and answer the question below for a chance to win:

1) “The Lost Chapters” free mini-ebook with extra chapters from the book!
2)  “Ten Soul Espressos: Top 10 verses on Rest” (a printable)
3)  “You Are Loved” digital wallpaper

Descriptions for each item can be found here!

QUESTION – Is God calling you to create whitespace in your heart for Him in a busy season? What does it look like for you?

We are giving away 10 copies of items 1-3 to ten winners, so don’t forget to leave a comment!

In Which We Spur Each Other On for Organizing

In Which We Spur Each Other On for Organizing

4 Quick Start Organizing Eval StepsThe Challenge 2014 is underway and it brings even more goals to accomplish. But how do we make organizing work?  Here are Four Quick Start Evaluation Steps to make any organizing goal more manageable:

1. Find two friends (at least) to do the project with you. It doesn’t matter if they’re phone friends, Internet buddies, or face-to-face girlfriends you meet with at Starbucks down the street. Find someone to keep you accountable.

2. Pick a room—any room to start the purge. I would pick the room that’s giving you the most stress and start there. You’ll feel better when some of the pressure is taken off.

3. Evaluate your plan. This is where people often give up.  If something doesn’t work, they will scrap the whole idea. You decide what steps you’re going to take each day. Then after trying it, see if that is a good goal.  Feel free to change it, but just keep your focus on trying to organize areas of your life.

4. Be flexible. The intention of The 2014 Things Challenge  is not to add stress, but to make your life simpler by removing the clutter from your life and helping you stay organized. Just do something, intentionally, every day. If you can be flexible in the day to day goals, you will learn to be flexible when things come up that you cannot control.  And in this way, we are no longer jut purging clutter from our homes, but also the clutter of disappointment or anxiety if something doesn’t go perfectly in our life.  Because let’s be real.  Life on earth is not perfect. But we do have a perfect God that will help us get through it!