Make lunch healthy & stress free

Make lunch healthy & stress free

Now that you can conquer breakfast let’s focus on lunch. I find most people do not think about lunch. Grabbing take out or whipping through a drive thru takes no thought and is super easy but super hard on the hips and pocket book. Lunch is, well, kind of boring. Some eat alone, in front of their computer or have little time to eat due to work or feeding little ones and getting them down to nap.

For those who work you also must think about lunch when you are thinking about or handling breakfast. So how do you go about in a stress-less way while making it healthy at the same time?

  1. For starters there are many things you can do at night to make your lunch a grab and go as you walk out the door.
  2. Plan your lunches like you do your dinners and shop accordingly.
  3. Grab some of those easy items at the store: snack packs of pretzels, carrots, fruit, nuts and cheeses.
  4. Prepare your lunch while you make dinner. Make an extra serving or two so you and your husband have lunch the next day. If you want to trim your waist line or your bottom line then just take half of your regular portion and place it in a container for lunch as you are plating dinner.
  5. Do the prep work before bed; the slicing, cutting, placing in bags, or putting leftovers in a container so you can reheat at the office.
  6. Pack all the items you can in your lunch bag at night. Fill your water bottle and that will just leave you to grab only the refrigerator items in the morning.
  7. You could also do all of the above on the weekend. Spends a few hours prepping and sorting foods to cut down on daily prep time.

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Are you a pro at lunch? Is it your favorite meal? What is your favorite thing to do for lunch and how do you make it easy?

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