475 Meal Planning for Mere Mortals EAT AT HOME COOKS

475 Meal Planning for Mere Mortals EAT AT HOME COOKS

475: Meal Planning for Mere Mortals:


Join Kathi and one of her very favorite podcast co-hosts, Tonya Kubo, in this discussion of one of the most common struggles: meal planning. We all have to eat. So, why is meal planning so challenging sometimes? And doesn’t it just seem like it should be easier? For those of us who struggle with clutter, meal planning is often a companion struggle and compounds the decision fatigue. Something that has really helped me is having meal plans from Eat at Home Cooks. They come straight to my inbox, complete with a coordinating grocery list, and relieve me of so many decisions every month. One of the best parts is that Eat at Home Cooks has thought of everyone and has a variety of plans including:


  • Instant Pot and Slow Cooker meal plans
  • No Flour, No Sugar meal plans
  • Plant-Based meal plans


EAT AT HOME and Save Money, Time, and Energy:


If you struggle with making dinnertime happen, you’ll LOVE these easy meal plans that do all the hard work for you! Color-coded shopping lists and printable tried and true family recipes make dinnertime a breeze! Use EAT to claim yours here.


Eat at Home meal plans takes care of all the “thinking” part of dinner by giving you the meals, recipes, grocery lists, and more! This is huge because it relieves us from decision fatigue in the area of meal planning. Say yes to making dinner easy (and save 30% through August 31 with code EAT!).



Yes, you CAN have dinner on the table in JUST 15 MINUTES! This meal from this month’s Eat at Home Meal plan is faster than waiting in the drive-through window most nights. P.S. Curious about the Eat At Home Meal plans? Check this out! EAT AT HOME COOKS

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Meet Our Guest 


Tonya Kubo

Tonya Kubo is the illustrious and fearless leader of Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy Facebook group and the Clutter Free for Life membership program. A speaker and writer, Tonya makes her home in the heart of California with her husband, Brian, their two spirited daughters, and one very tolerant cat.

Visit her at www.tonyakubo.com


How Can I Teach My Children to Serve?

How Can I Teach My Children to Serve?


Connecting with your child is important to the atmosphere in a home.  There are many ways you can connect with your kids. Serving is not only one way, but a commandment from God.

Here are three ways that you can teach your child to serve:

Model service yourself.

This one should be such a no brainer, but often the things we are trying to teach our children are usually areas that we need a little more work on in order to grow our character.  Show your children how you are making a meal for the new mom.  Let them know that the extra time on the computer was writing a letter to an aunt who is having a hard time.  When you take them to a nursing home to play games with the residents, you will be showing that service is important to you and it should be important to them. You will be showing them how ordinary families can do extraordinary things.


Explain to them that serving is not only one action but it is a demonstration of love.

Every time you fill a cup in the name of Jesus, you are showing His love to another person.  Explain this to your children.  Tell them how He healed the sick and how our families can be like that as far as healing people’s lonely hearts. Tell them that sometimes you plan on serving like going to a homeless shelter and other times God brings unexpected opportunities to serve someone, like an urgent call to watch a neighbor’s child if the mother had to go somewhere.


Reward Them With Praise When They Serve

When you see your child clearing off the table by himself without being asked or you see a note written to a grandparent just because the child wanted to…go gangbusters and tell them over and over how great that is that God prompted them to serve like that!  They will be much more likely to want to do it again!



What is one way that you teach your kids to serve?  One person who comments will get my book 21 Ways to Connect to Your Kids!