#576 Subscription Boxes, Clutter and Why We Buy

#576 Subscription Boxes, Clutter and Why We Buy

576: Subscription Boxes, Clutter and Why We Buy

Do you love the excitement and intrigue of that the arrival of a subscription box brings? We do too! But are all subscription boxes equal? Can subscription boxes become just one more thing to declutter?

Join Kathi and her Tik Tok famous guest Meredith Lynch as they discuss decluttering and the world of subscription boxes. Meredith started out as a beauty influencer but pushed back on the fast fashion/fast beauty culture. She is not afraid to speak her mind and has the cease and desist letters from beauty brands to prove it! Kathi and Meredith covered so much in this episode that Kathi has labeled it an XXLarge episode of information, such as:

  • The origins of subscription boxes
  • How some subscription boxes have become a scam
  • The concept of White Labeling – mass producing a product and slapping a designer label on it

But we love new beauty products! Are there any trusted voices out there?
Meredith Lynch gives us two people to follow for authentic beauty product insight.

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The Accidental Homesteader: What I’ve Learned About Chickens, Compost, and Creating Home


Homesteading [hohm-sted-ing]
1. an act or instance of establishing a homestead.
2. the act of loving where you live so much that you actively ignore the fact that your house is trying to kill you on a regular basis.
For Kathi Lipp and her husband, Roger, buying a house in one of the most remote parts of Northern California was never part of the plan; many of life’s biggest, most rewarding adventures rarely are.

Kathi shares the hard-won wisdom she’s gained on her homestead journey to help you accomplish more at home, gain fresh perspective, and give yourself grace in the process. Here’s a handful of the lessons Kathi shares:

  • Prepare before the need arises
  • Everything is always in process, including us
  • Your best household solution is time and patience
  • You don’t have to do everything the hard way
  • Be open to new and better ways of doing things
  • A lot of small changes make a huge difference.
    Highly practical, humorous, and inspirational, The Accidental Homesteader will encourage you to live with more peace, joy, and contentment.

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Meredith Lynch at meredithmlynch on Tik Tok

Meredith Lynch at meredithmlynch on Instagram

Stefanie Fritz- Luxury Makeup Artist at stefaniefritzxo on Instagram

Jamie Greenberg – Celebrity Makeup Artist at jamiemakeup on Instagram

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Meet Our Guest 


Meredith Lynch

Meredith Lynch is a writer and pop culture deep diver based in Los Angeles.

You can find her on Tik Tok  and Instagram .