Get Yourself Organized for Christmas Project 18: Get Online

Get Yourself Organized for Christmas Project 18: Get Online

Christmas Project 18

Today my friends, is a fun day! You have permission to go surfing online to finish up your last minute shopping. You have the chance to sip coffee in your pj’s and shop for your loved ones all at the same time! No standing in long lines, feeling all hot and bothered with bag imprints going up your poor arms, no whining kids begging to go home already, no eye-rolling husbands waiting on you and no sore feet! No this is a day to celebrate, for we have this great invention called Amazon! YES!


Here’s your objective-find a great place to shop with great deals and shop away! (Don’t forget about places with free returns, free shipping or discounted shipping costs). This is going to be the best Clutter Free Christmas yet!

Here are some favorites:

*Amazon Prime

*Amazon Gift cards (printable, in e-form)



Need some more ideas? Evite has Instant Gifts you can purchase and send right from your computer.

For More Details: Get Yourself Organized For Christmas – Page 99

Share Your Thoughts:

Where do you like to go to get great deals? Are you one of those infamous Cyber Monday shoppers? Share with us your favorite places to online shop. Where do you find the best deals with the lowest costs on shipping and handling? Share with us on our page!

Podcast #127 Black Friday Shopping Guide

Podcast #127 Black Friday Shopping Guide

ListenNowWHAT TYPE OF BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPER ARE YOU?  The one that’s standing at the store door chanting “open… open… open” at 4 am… or the kind that stays home and drinks coffee while the rest of the crazy people are, well, being crazy.


Whatever type of shopper you are, we have the tools and tips you need to rock your shopping list this Black Friday.  Shellie Deringer from gives you loads of expert advice on everything from finding the best deals to sticking to your budget.

Find out:

  • How to do your holiday shopping on a realistic budget.
  • Where to get the best deals for your family?
  • What are the best deals for this Black Friday for everyone on your list?
  • How do you know if something is a really good deal?
  • And much more…

Listen in, and then click here to find Saving with Shellie’s best shopping deals for Black Friday to get your shopping done fast and within your budget.

There’s lots of deals to be found on Saving with Shellie!