#122 Motherhood can be Wonderful

#122 Motherhood can be Wonderful

ListenNowWhat is one word you would use to describe your motherhood?

Kathi said overwhelming.  Erin said chaotic.  Leslie Ludy, our guest, said neither have to be part of your parenting story.  Leslie put off having kids for a long time as she feared all the horror stories.  She didn’t want to lose the wonderful love story that she had built by adding kids to the mix.  But when her kids came, life may not have been simple (her oldest son had acid reflux) but it was wonderful. In this podcast, she tells women how they can:

  • gather their community,
  • change their attitudes,
  • and realize God is building them,

as they partake in the joyous, exciting and sometimes crazy ride that is motherhood.

When you are feeling overwhelmed as a mom, what is one thing you do to get yourself back on track? Share a tip below for your chance to win a book from Set Apart Motherhood.