Cleaning Out Your Car – A Real Clean Sweep

Cleaning Out Your Car – A Real Clean Sweep


Quadrant Clean –

Divide the car into four quadrants and do one quadrant fully before moving one the the next one. Otherwise, you will start at the front, follow along to the side, get distracted by the gum on the back of the car seat, start picking at that and the driver seat still has Wendy’s Frosty stickiness on it that need to be wiped off.

Three Box Reminder –

Do not forget your three boxes of PUT AWAY, OTHER ROOMS, and GIVE AWAY.  You will also need your two bags GARBAGE and RECYCLE. You might have to use two mini boxes of PUT AWAY. One for the items like the  good silverware spoon that has peanut butter with carpet pieces now stuck to it from a left over snack and another for the school report you just found three days late. The main thing is to get it out of the car!

Do I really Need it in Here? – 

You need to be realistic but simplistic for this one.  An extra a pair of safety scissors could be really helpful sometime in your car.  And husbands often need that quick nail clipper time so a pair of those is fine, but four coffee mugs?  Probably not.

By getting rid of extra clutter in your car, you will also be saving money since it will make the car more fuel efficient. {click to tweet} Sure, a few extra homework folders will not make much of a difference, but hauling those bags of used sports gear that you are supposed to drop off at the gym will make a difference.

And once you have cleaned it out, use containers to keep what you want in there neat and easy to find.  My friend uses a cosmetics bag for all the restaurant gift cards and she keeps it in the glove compartment so anytime the family is out, they can go to the restaurant and have the coupon handy!

What are some organizing tricks that you use in the car to keep it swept out and clutter free?