The Husband Project Valentines Day Challenge- Day 5 Pitching the Pajama Pants

The Husband Project Valentines Day Challenge- Day 5 Pitching the Pajama Pants

Pitching the Pajama Pants (for a night) – Lingerie

Today’s Project: Buy (or dig out) a piece of lingerie that both you and your husband will love – then put it to good use.

Yep – we’re going to go there. It’s time to talk lingerie.

How’s your lingerie wardrobe? A little outdated? Was the last teddy you bought something you got just before your wedding?

Oh there’s so much drama around this subject. Ever since Victoria let her Secret out, you cannot walk in a mall or watch live TV without having a push-up bra or lace thong thrust in your face. And, even worse, in your husband’s face.

How am I, a suburban housewife who has birthed two kids (both weighing in at almost ten pounds) supposed to compete with Gisele Bündchen, in all of her angel, airbrushed, glory? I can’t (duh), but that doesn’t mean that I should give up all together and resort to wearing footie pajamas to bed every night.

We’ve heard over and over that every woman needs a capsule wardrobe – select items of basic clothing that can be mixed and matched and updated with trendy pieces to get you dressed with confidence and out the door in a matter of minutes. Now it’s time to think about your capsule lingerie wardrobe. A few basic pieces in your favorite colors that all go together to make you feel fabulous.

Here are the basics that every woman needs to own and love:

  1. Silky pajamas – No, they don’t show a lot of skin, but each piece can be worn separately (the bottoms with a silky camisole, the top all by itself). Plus, you have something cute and fun that keeps you covered when your in-laws come to visit.
  2. Silky camisole and boy shorts – These can be mixed and matched with the above items, or worn together when a more bare-bones approach is appropriate.
  3. A Kimono – This style of robe looks great on everyone, covers enough to run outside and get the paper, while still looking cool and sexy.
  4. A Lacy Bra and Matching Underwear – Sure to be a crowd-of-one pleaser. Your choice on the style of underwear (thong, brief or full coverage).

Consider these optional items to make things a little more fun:

  1. Some Fabulous Heels – Heels have the magical ability to make your legs look longer and give definition to your rear end. The nice thing is that it doesn’t matter if they’re not the most comfortable shoes in the world – you probably won’t be wearing them for very long.
  2. A Teddy – Hides tummy issues and looks great on every figure.
  3.  A Boa – I will leave that to your imagination.

Wear something sexy to sleep in. It doesn’t need to be one of Victoria’s sweet nothings. Perhaps just a silky nightshirt or a lacy camisole; the goal is to dump the Nike t-shirt that you normally sport.

Also, it’s your job to make sure that sleep is not all that happens in your pretty new nighty.

Make the extra effort to feel great about yourself — you know that some of that mood will rub off on your husband.

Tell me in the comments below when you will be pulling out the frills – any other details are up to you… (remember this is a family blog, so please keep all comments PG13…)