What’s for Dinner Day 4  Family Dinner Time

What’s for Dinner Day 4 Family Dinner Time

Project #4

Make Family Dinner Time Special

Whether you have a family of eight, or are single and dining alone, I want you to make  family dinner time special. I want dinner to be something you look forward to each and every night.

Your life is busy, your life is crazy, and you need a time every single day where you have an opportunity to connect with your family, or your roommates, or even just to catch your breath.

Sometimes it can be the food that helps make dinnertime special. In the comments below, I want you to tell me what your family’s favorite meal is. (And if you include the recipe, you will be entered into our prize drawing twice!)

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In addition to the food, sometimes it’s the dinner conversation that will make your dinnertime special. That’s why today’s giveaway is this amazing book by my friend Mary DeMuth.

(BTW – if you are not subscribed to her blog, reading her books, following her on Facebook, or just generally being a Mary stalker, just do it. She’s challenging and brave and kinda amazing.)



The What’s for Dinner? Challenge: What Are You Going to Eat This Week? and Your Meal Planning Calendar

The What’s for Dinner? Challenge: What Are You Going to Eat This Week? and Your Meal Planning Calendar

Day #1

Share Your Menu And Your Meal Planning Calendar

I’m so glad that you’ve decided to join us for THE WHAT’S FOR DINNER SOLUTION Challenge. For five days, you’re going to go into the week knowing what you’re eating, and then cooking. (And I’m giving you a handy meal planning calendar – to boot!)

(BTW – the challenge is for Monday through Friday, but if you’re coming to the party late, you can just tell us what you’re eating for the next five days.

I want to know what you going to eat Monday – Friday. Just leave your menu in the comments below.

If you’d like a handy weekly meal planning calendar, you can download it here on Kathi Lipp’s Facebook Page.

Also, if you’re having trouble coming up with what you’re going to eat each and every single night, check out my list of 50 Dinner Ideas. I keep these is my recipe binder and next to me when I’m working on my meal planning calendar, for inspiration.

Planning out your weekly menu’s helps you stay on track with your budget at the grocery store and guarentees you have a great meal every night!

And for one of my blog readers, it will be a double win: not only will you have your meals planned out, but one randomly drawn commenter will receive THE WHAT’S FOR DINNER SOLUTION! (We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!)

I cannot wait to see all the yummy meals everyone is going to eat this week. And don’t forget to download your free meal planning calendar! This is great inspiration to anyone who feel they are in a cooking rut.

Oh – and if you’re wondering what we’re eating this week:

Monday – (Kimber and I are going to be out of town visiting my parents) Roger is having leftover lasagna

Tuesday -Veggie and Leftover Chicken Stirfry with Brown Rice

Wednesday – Turkey Chili and Salad

Thursday – Pesto Chicken

Friday – Pita Pizzas