It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the wrong things during the holidays — perfectionism, worthlessness, rejection, disorganization, and family dynamics that trigger old wounds.
What if THIS year could be different? What if instead of an attitude of “let’s just get this over with” you found joy for the holidays because you wrapped yourself in grace?
 Join us as we challenge and encourage you to do just that! Each day, we will address topics that have the ability to tangle our tinsel and leave us discouraged and frustrated. And you will leave feeling ready to to jingle the bells and deck the halls!

Glynnis Whitwer
Author and Speaker


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Taming the To-Do List_cover

Day 1:  “Abandoned Pictures of the Perfect Christmas” by Amy Carroll

  • Day 1 winner of Breaking Up with Perfect:  Dedra

Day 2:  “Plan the Stress Out of Christmas” by Kathi Lipp

  • Day 2 winner of Get Yourself Organized for Christmas:  C Balzer

Day 3:  “3 Ways to Make Family Time Tangle-Free During the Holidays” by Carey Scott

  • Day 3 winner of Untangled:  Ellen C.

Day 4:  “Make Your List and Check It Twice” by Glynnis Whitwer

  • Day 4 winner of Taming the To Do List:  Lori A.

Day 5:  “How to Have a Holiday-Ready Heart” by Cheri Gregory

  • Day 5 winner of The Cure for the “Perfect” Life:  Tammy


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“Wrapped in Grace” Convos



Cheri Gregory: “One Thing at a Time



Cheri Gregory: “Just Ask



Cheri Gregory: “Relief vs. Rest




Glynnis Whitwer:  “What Procrastination IS and is NOT


Glynnis Whitwer:  “Two Types of Holiday Procrastinators


Glynnis Whitwer: “Why ‘I Work Best Under Pressure” is a MYTH


Glynnis Whitwer: FULL INTERVIEW




Carey Scott: “Holiday Tangles


Carey Scott: “Parenting Tangles







Kathi Lipp:  “Creating Your Holiday Mission Statement


Kathi Lipp: “The Line Between Meeting Others’ Needs & Honoring Your Own


Kathi Lipp:  “Your Holiday Binder


Kathi Lipp:  FULL Interview




Amy Carroll: How to Handle Other People’s Expectations


Amy Carroll: God’s Delight in Us and Taking Delight in God


FULL Interview with Amy Carroll


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