The Husband ProjectValentines Day Challenge – Day 4 Post-it Note Challenge!

Post – It Notes – Man’s Greatest Invention

Leave a Word of Encouragement

Today’s Project: Leave a cute and flirty note for your husband to find.

“A simple word can renew hope.” Lois Mayday Rabey

Keep it simple today. Put a Post-it in his briefcase, on his dashboard, in his wallet, anywhere that he will find it. Make it fun, make it flirty, but just make sure he is the one who will find it. Wink-wink.

OK – some guys are going to think it’s hokey. But, if you can’t be hokey in your marriage, when, can you be?

All I want you to do is give him a little encouragement. I know there’s nothing more encouraging for my husband than knowing that I am on his side. Throughout his day, I want him to know that no matter how difficult things may be at work, he’s got someone at home rooting for him. All it takes is a post-it note, and about two seconds of thought.

And if you want to get the kids involved – look at what Dawn Beavers did for her husband – asking her kids why they love their daddy and putting Heart-Shaped Post-it Notes to work, she created a thing of art that would do any dad proud!

Crib Notes: 21 Post-It-Sized Encouragements

  1. I’m praying for you today.
  2. Those jeans are really working for you…
  3. I love you.
  4. You are the best dad!
  5. You’re the kind of husband that makes the other wives jealous.
  6. You rock my world!
  7. Can’t wait to see you tonight – meet me upstairs…
  8. Thanks for working hard to provide for us. I appreciate all that you do.
  9. You make me feel beautiful.
  10. I thank God for you everyday.
  11. How did I get so lucky, being married to a guy like you?
  12. You’re great!
  13. You make everyday more fun.
  14. Have a great day.
  15. You’re hot!
  16. I feel so safe with you.
  17. Smart and good looking – I’ve got the whole package in you!
  18. You can be very distracting, you know…
  19. Our kids are so blessed to have a dad like you.
  20. That smile I wear – it is all because of you.
  21. God have blessed me in big ways by letting me be your wife.

Let’s Be More Specific

I gave you that list in case this whole exercise is a challenge for you. If it feels uncomfortable leaving a note for your husband, it you get writer’s block even when the blank page is post-it note sized, just use one of the above phrases to get you started.

However, if you’re comfortable, and can get a little more personal, I would highly encourage you to do so.

“Specific praise is far better than general praise.” Gary Smalley

When leaving notes for my husband, I try to be as specific as possible about how he has blessed me. Every once in a while, I will leave him a little note saying things like,

“How lucky am I that I have a husband who makes the bed everyday. Thanks for taking care of me.”

(Hint: Men love to know that you feel “taken care of.” It makes guys feel like they’re doing their job.)


“I loved falling asleep on your shoulder last night. You have a special way of making me feel safe and warm.”

Think about the ways that your husband loves you, and then put them down on paper. When you write those things down, it’s a double blessing, because:

  1. while you are writing it down, it reminds you of how much you are loved
  2. it encourages your husband in a way that only you can

A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver (Proverbs 25:11).

Your Project: Tell us what you are going to write on your Post-it, and where you are going to put it so he will see it.  Tell me in the comments and you will be entered to win THE ME PROJECT.


  1. My very oversized post-it says this: Baby I cant beieve that the way we met was through drugs and crime which led to jailtime when I had seperated my self from God and the church back in 2001. What I know about you is that even though my clean date is Jan 5 2005, it was you, big old tattooed you with No God who’s spent nearly all of your life in and out of prison. It was you that gave me the ultimatum that for our marriage to be successful the two of us needed God, the curch, and believers in our life. It’s worked and has been the best gift you’ve ever given to our family. Thank you…and by the way, you’re the hottest guy there! You helped save my life when it was actually YOU who had lived years and years of such an evil ife compared to my 4 years of drugs and crime and child neglect. You are amazing for being that guy who’s broughtt me back to God with the stepping stone of the Narcotics Anonymous program. What a dedicated husband and father giong to setvice, Wednesday nights, 2 werkly mens groups and volunteering on a regular basis. Thank you from me and our kids. I love you! Good luck with your book and caring for me in my illness.

  2. Posted on the garage wall above the desk that he and my dad built this month during my dad’s visit from Utah for Kenny’s tudying and book writing. Love, lynda williams

  3. I wrote on my post-it “Babe, I feel safe with you, (especially when you hold me in public) Thanks” and I am going to put it on his cell phone. Thanks for doing this and helping us wives remember to give our husbands a little attention. Sometimes we get so busy taking care of the house, kids, etc that we neglect to appreciate our husbands.

  4. I put post its in different places. I will be gone on a mission trip next week and valentine’s day is really special to us. (our first date) I am getting my daughter to put a post it on our mirror Tuesday. It will say I love you in Tagalog. That is the language they speak where I am going. :) he has sent me texts everyday for the past couple of weeks saying different things ( you’re beautiful, i love you, i want to spend my life with you) in Tagalog. Yep! I really am a lucky girl.

  5. I am going to thank him for being my go to computer genius. I almost lost a lot of important pictures. Not only did he save them, he is setting up a whole new double hard drive backup system. Not how he wants to spend his nights after work I’m sure but he hasn’t complained!!
    Side note, my praise on Facebook yesterday must have been needed, he came home early from work and took me on a date!!!:)

  6. H and I will be putting it on the keyboard..

  7. “I luv u” and I think I will put it on his phone

  8. You still have a nice ass!~ on the bathroom mirror!

  9. Thanks for working hard to provide for us. I appreciate all that you do

    This will go on his dashboard this morning

  10. I love it that whenever we pray in church you hold my hand.

    It will probably go in the car on the steering wheel.

  11. I love how you snuggle with our daughter in the morning when I can’t. I know she does too. You are such an amazing Daddy!

    I will put it on the mirror in the bathroom.

  12. Today I am going to leave the note in his car at work, he won’t expect that! I’m going to use conversation hearts to compose the note. So it will be a combo of hokey and sentimental. I hope he doesn’t mind me digging into his precious stash of candy!

  13. Going to put a note on the steering wheel of his car, with “you are hot!!! “

  14. I am going to use this for dual purposes. Lavishing praise on my man and creative writing for the kids. We are going to take out a stack of post-its and write all the very specific wonderful things about dadddy/hubby. Then we are going to sprinkle them all over the wall right next to “the throne” where daddy spends a few minutes after work. I know he will be surprised. Gives new meaning to “bathroom reading material.”

  15. My husband works out of town all week…he leaves Monday morning and gets home very late Friday night. But last night he texted me when he was 30minutes from home and surprised me! We celebrated an evening together with a candlelight bubble bath, so on his post-it, I wrote, “So glad you came home last night! You’re the best bath buddy EVER!” I left it in his laptop bag so he would find it at work this morning.

  16. I am thankful for your arms. I love how everytime you walk in the door our 4 kids drop everything they are doing to jump in your arms. Being in your arms make me feel safe and loved.- going to put this on his sling while he is sleeping (he just had shoulder surgery).

  17. Ok, as of everyday this week I’ve had to be on my toes. Most Fridays my husband goes to work without me and I’m able to stay home and get things done and spend some great time with the kids. But he asked if I would go to work with him to help. So this morning I didn’t get a chance to put a post it on the steering wheel. I did get a moment to put a note on a napkin and put it in his bag. I drew a heart and in it I wrote I love him and so proud that he was going out of his comfy zone to join me in the marriage project .
    Each day does not start as I plan but it always turns out the way God planned and each day turns out to be awesome
    Thank you Kathi for doing the five day husband project

  18. I put a post it note on his work tablet “Thanks for bringing home the bacon so I can fry it up in a pan.” We love cheesy jingles so I think he’ll know where the rest of that song is going. :)

  19. Hmmmm….I just bought a pack of hear shaped post it notes yesterday! How is that for timing?!?! I love leaving notes for my hubby.

  20. How fun! I used to do this all the time, and then I ran out of Post-Its for awhile. =p We’re taking part in the Focus on the Family Date Night Challenge. Our first date is tonight, so my note says, “Looking forward to our next two date nights.”

  21. Becky Bloom! Great follow through on improvising on your plan! So Glad it’s all coming together like legos for all of us! This Marriage Project group we put together is exciting and honestly I had no idea the husbands would be as excited about it as we are…I thought it may of been a real challenge when I prayed on who to invite in to keep things manageable regarding size and not intimidating for the guys! Huge props to you and Derek for supporting building all of our marriages. I love you. I own everyone of Kathi’s books but the meal one so Im happy to lend you anything I have. Xoxo

  22. Im going to post one on my pillow for him tonight 😉

  23. I love this idea… getting the kids involved to share their thoughts too!! Then I too will use any left over for their bedroom door & even my mom’s & FIL’s doors! Yes – we all live together, taking care of each other – encouraging and stumbling sometimes too. So thankful for a roof over our heads, while I’m dealing with & thankfully coming out of a depression, caring for my mom (when needed) with fibromyalgia & also caring for my FIL (when needed) with stage 3 lymphoma.
    I love sharing with my children that family needs to stick together and care for each other whenever there is a need! If you’re able to help others, than share God’s love!!

  24. This is a good idea.


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