Episode #279 – Creating a Clutter Free Christmas- Part 1

Episode #279 – Creating a Clutter Free Christmas- Part 1

Don’t let the expectation of having a perfect Christmas steal your joy at Christmas. A budget and a plan does not have to kill Christmas – it mightly actually save it and make it the most special one yet. Listen in as Kathi Lipp and Tanya Kubo discuss 7 tips from the book, “A Clutter-Free Christmas”. Chock full of ideas to help you navigate and plan for Christmas, get “Clutter-Free Christmas” for $5 and pave the way for best Christmas ever.


Eps #277 Loving My Actual Christmas with Alexandra Kuykendall

Eps #277 Loving My Actual Christmas with Alexandra Kuykendall

Loving Christmas

Loving Christmas just seems like an obvious thing but when we get right down to it, Christmas can be a HUGE stressor. Are you trapped in your Christmas traditions with seemingly no way out? Listen in as Author/Speaker Host Kathi Lipp discusses decluttering our idea of Christmas with Author Alex Kuykendall and her new book: “Loving My Actual Christmas”. Alex shares how to manage our expectations without them managing us and listening in on other’s expectations, too. Reboot your Christmas this year – adjust the traditions but keep what is important to you and relish the experience of Christmas.

Answer this question in the comments below to be entered to receive 1 of 3 copies of “Loving My Actual Christmas”: If you could change one thing about your Christmas celebration this year, what would it be?

Eps.#275 – Creating a Clutter Free Christmas

Eps.#275 – Creating a Clutter Free Christmas

Listen in as host Kathi Lipp and co-host Erin Macpherson help us prepare for Christmas without all the clutter. Sometimes traditions are for a season. Let go of the stress this year and get purposeful about your peace this Christmas.

We kick off our Get Yourself Organized for Christmas team fun on November 21. So order your book today for just $5 with coupon code CFChristmas2017. Check out more info at our Clutter Free Academy Facebook group and join us while we enjoy our holidays, rather than stress through Christmas!

10 Costco Secrets (that Work in Baja, Too)

10 Costco Secrets (that Work in Baja, Too)

10 Costco Secrets (that Work in Baja, Too)

If you’re a lover of the food court, impressed by ridiculously clean, smooth floors, and slightly addicted to samples… welcome to the Costco club.

It’s pretty much the only place where your shopping cart can contain a $45,000 diamond ring resting on top of a five-gallon jug of cooking oil.

It’s also the only place I’d like to be stuck/trapped/held captive in the event of an alien parking lot invasion. Think about it… grab a mattress, sheets, down comforter, scooch yourself to the middle aisles, bust open a pillow two-pack, choose some cozy jammies, slippers and a good book, plug in a heater and wait for the sample servers to come around with hors-d’oeuvres at five. Rotisserie chicken, bagged salad and artisan bread for dinner? I’ll grab the paper plates, napkins, and plastic silverware. Brownies or pumpkin pie for dessert? Yes.

Before we accidentally start planning this event, let’s get to the Costco secrets.


  • I am not an employee of Costco.
  • I am not a secret shopper with the ability to write Costco up for not letting me drive the floor squeegee/rider/thingy.
  • I do not own Costco stock.
  • I have only put one question in the suggestion box. (Why is cornbread seasonal?)
  • I do not follow Costco on Twitter.
  • I have never spent the night in Costco, though I’m not entirely opposed to the idea.
  • I am not member FDIC, mostly because I do not know what that means.

The Secrets

1. Open, Open, Open

Most Costcos in the States open at 10:00 a.m., but if you live in Mexico… 9:00 a.m., baby! Once I arrived early to our Ensenada store thinking I had 15 minutes to wait. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a dude with a key and a smile just for me. In I went at 8:45, feeling like I had been given an extra chunk of time in my day. This happens in Temecula, CA, too!

2. Turnover Nights

Ever wonder why the display of rad, crazy-soft blankets moved from the front to the middle and then to the right? Marketing. Costco moves things around to make you take a different route and possibly see new products.

New products are stocked on Saturday during the night shift, so if you want to see the latest and greatest, shop Sunday. But first, go to church and pray for patience because there tends to be a bit of gridlock around the TVs and Nearly Naked Popcorn.

3. Some Prices Will Never Change

Behold, the all-American hotdog, and soda combo, alive and well in Baja, too. Same price since the day Costco opened… just a mere $1.50. Friendly reminder: just because something is super cheap and makes your mouth dance does not mean it’s healthy for your insides.

Did I just ruin it?

Sorry—I ruined it.

4. Costco Membership = Discounts on Cars, Vacations, and Coffins

Not much to explain here. If you plan on buying a car, going on a vacation or kicking the can soon, shop costco.com first. 

5. For Real Bargains, Shop the Perimeter and Middle

According to Lifehacker, the middle area of the store is referred to as “action alley” because of the high traffic. “Makers and distributors often pay for the privilege of being there, and the prices are aggressive,” the site says. The flashy displays at the end of aisles, where lucrative samples are given, tend to be the worst bargains in Costco.

I love lucrative samples.

6. Price Adjustments

Besides having an amazing return policy, Costco also offers a 30-day price adjustment guarantee. If an item gets marked down within 30 days of when you bought it, take your receipt to customer service and get the difference reimbursed. Badda-bing, badda-boom.

7. Cheapest Prescription Drugs

A recent Consumer Reports survey found that, when it comes to generic prescription drugs, Costco’s pharmacy is the most affordable on the market.

Extra Bonus: Did you know Costco membership is not required for Costco Pharmacy purchases online or in the warehouses? Annnd… they offer home delivery. Ding-dong!

8. Ninety-Seven-Cent Tags are Your Friends

Most regular priced items end in .99¢, and sometimes .49¢, .79¢, and .89¢. But the real bargains end in .97¢. They’re the items that have been marked down to the lowest sales you’ll find. They’re throughout the whole store, even on food items. Score, score, score some more.

9. Asterisks Mean “Bye Bye”

If you see this symbol (*) in the top right corner of the price tag then you know the item will not be restocked. What you see is all they have, and it won’t be returning, so if it’s something you need, stock up. Exception: popular seasonal merchandise might be returning, but not for a year. Don’t panic though: Christmas decor now arrives in August. #sweatysanta

10. Think Outside the (Costco) Box

The clear, plastic container that holds a 12-pack or 14-pack of apples perfectly fits Christmas ornaments. Fa-la-la-la-la!

What’s your favorite Costco bargain?

Besides maybe pita and hummus, what do you think Jesus would buy at Costco?

Carrie Talbott

Originally from the redwood forest of Mount Hermon, CA, Carrie lived in Baja, Mexico for the past 12 years. She and her husband, and two very white, bilingual boys just moved back to the States and are gradually adjusting to traffic and taco prices.

In the middle of a non-profit ministry and surrounded by dust and mud, she wrote a children’s book about bullying. She is now collaborating on a nonfiction book about loss, guilt and grace.

Carrie is dedicated to Jesus and avocados, and blogs regularly at carrietalbottink.com. She can also be found on Twitter @carrie_talbott and on Facebook at Carrie Talbott Ink.



Eps #274 So Close to Amazing with KariAnne Wood

Eps #274 So Close to Amazing with KariAnne Wood

So Close to Amazing

Ever feel overwhelmed by all that surrounds you in your home? Maybe our blessings have become a burden. Join Kathi Lipp and KariAnne Wood, the author of “So Close to Amazing”, as they discuss how to live the life you want to live by simplifying and decluttering, DIY style.

BONUS What would you love to do to your house to make it more lovable to you? Answer this question in the comments section and be entereed to won a copy (we will be giving out three copies) of “So Close to Amazing”.

Clean Out Your Car (and a Clutter Free MOPS Meeting)

Clean Out Your Car (and a Clutter Free MOPS Meeting)

Clean out your car.

As always, I had an amazing time at MOMCON (MOPS International’s Convention). We had a booth this year, so I got to meet a lot of moms we may have missed in the past. My favorite part? Hearing their stories from Overwhelmed (I can’t believe how many of you are doing book studies on it!) and Clutter Free.

Clutter Free Kit

And with Clutter Free being part of the MOPS curriculum this year (HUZZAH), I wanted to share with you an amazing idea one group had for a Clutter Free meeting. After showing the Clutter Free video, the leaders gave each mom a kit:

  • 3 bags:
    – Bag 1 for garbage
    – Bag 2 for recycling
    – Bag 3 for things to bring into the house
  • A package of Clorox wipes (These could easily be broken down into Ziploc sandwich bags to give each mom just a few wipes.)
  • A package of Windex wipes (See above.)
  • A lint roller
  • A Glade Car freshener

Along with the kits, they also provided vacuums and Handi-vacs for the moms to use. Then each mom went to her car or minivan and spent twenty minutes cleaning it out. Awesome, right? The MOPS leaders who tried this idea told me all the moms said it was their favorite activity ever. (Because once you watch a video about decluttering, you want to go and do it NOW.) And the best part? Everyone went home with a sense of accomplishment and fewer French fries in their back seat. Win-win!

Want to clean out your car and get a mini-craft in at the same time?

Make your own car freshener!

All you need is:

  • 1 Clothespin
  • Essential Oils (Lemon or Peppermint are some great, fresh flavors depending on the time of year.)


1. Dab five drops of essential oil on each side of the clothespin (ten drops total).
2. Clip the clothespin onto the vent.  It makes your car smell yummy and fresh without overpowering. I love it.

Clutter Free Events are Being Booked for 2018!

Friends, what sounds better than a girl’s night out? You and me and a few dozen, or hundreds, of your friends!? I would love to come and share the Clutter Free life with you. This is a great reach-out opportunity. To learn more and get your date on the calendar, shoot me an email at bookings@kathilipp.com.