Episode #270 – Clutter Free Costco Shopping

Episode #270 – Clutter Free Costco Shopping

Ah, Costco. Gloriously large and yet frighteningly large all at the same time. Do you ever feel lost when you enter a Costco? You are not alone. Listen in as Kathi offers tips to help guide you through Costco as a savvy shopper. Equipping us with strategies and surefire tips for preparedness that will remove the stress out of shopping (and maybe even make it fun!) your trip to Costco will never be the same.

Go and put your Costco shopping ideas/comments and we will pick one person to receive a copy of the Clutter-free book.

Episode #269 Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life with Arlene Pellicane

Episode #269 Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life with Arlene Pellicane

Ever feel like the digital age has taken over your life and the lives of your loved ones? Listen in as Kathi interviews Arlene Pellicane to discuss Arlene’s new book, “Calm, Cool and Connected”. Learn five digital habits for a more balanced life and how to tame the modern tools to take back our lives. Forming new habits, we can learn to navigate the digital world and prioritize loved ones, as well. Leave a comment on our website to be entered to receive a free copy of Arlene’s new book.

Episode #268:  Kickstart to Clutter Free – Part 2

Episode #268: Kickstart to Clutter Free – Part 2

clutter free kickstartListenNow

Kathi and Tonya Kubo are back for Part 2 of the Kickstart to Clutter Free series. Tonya shares her Clutter Free journey and why she is passionate in sharing her story with others.

So many people with clutter problems are afraid of being judged.  Kathi’s book Clutter Free helped Tonya put a system into place, without shame and fear that led her to living free from her clutter in every area of her life. You can do the same. Listen in for encouragement.

Episode #267:  Kickstart to Clutter Free

Episode #267: Kickstart to Clutter Free


“Hi my name is Kathi and I am a clutterer.”

Maybe you can relate? Kathi and guest, Tonya Kubo, discuss what they have learned about common traits of those of us that struggle with clutter.  Often those of us with clutter struggle with boundaries.  We say yes to too many things and put ourselves last. Then because we don’t handle the clutter correctly we are mean to ourselves. We just try to do too much and set ourselves up for failure.

Kickstart to Clutter Free
Kathi has broken the process down into tiny steps that everyone can complete in her online eCourse, Kickstart to Clutter Free and is offering at only $5.99 with coupon code CFPODCAST17 through September 22, 2017! Our challenge on the Facebook group will start September 5 and we’ll go through each of the 14 Days of the Kickstart together through September 22.

Listen in to learn more and kick clutter to the curb!

More resources mentioned in the episode:

Clutter Free Bible Study – What Jesus Has To Say About Your Stuff
Join the Clutter Free Academy Facebook Group

Eps. #266  Clutter Free Mornings Getting Out the Door

Eps. #266 Clutter Free Mornings Getting Out the Door

Chock-full of tips to help us survive in the rugged terrain of the dogged morning routine, Author, Speaker and Clutter-Free guru Kathi Lipp guides us with many failproof strategies to get out the door with a smile on our face. And, yes, we can get up and going even with kids. Links to the resources Kathi uses are in the podcast post on our website. Listen in today and comment to be entered for a free giveaway of the book, “Overwhelmed”. In the words of Kathi, “Be the wise woman who gets focused and gets out the door in a powerful way each and every day.”

***GIVEAWAY: What is your best “get out the door” tactic?

Comment on the podcast page and one commenter will win a copy of my book Overwhelmed.***


Eps. #265 Clutter Free Mornings Breakfast Strategy

Eps. #265 Clutter Free Mornings Breakfast Strategy

Ever feel like you will never get a handle on your breakfast routine? Kathi Lipp guides us in this episode to developing strategies with several practical tips that will help you to eat healthier and be less stressed for breakfast.

Get unstuck with a variety of different tools to aid in easier cooking, recipe ideas, prep ideas for ahead of time, and storage ideas that Kathi shares to take the hassle out of breakfast. Come on in and get your breakfast time rejuvenated!

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